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The ULBs of the state of Gujarat fails to comply the Hon. Supreme Court’s Order that made mandatory the scientific treatment and disposal of solid waste as per MSW-Rules-2000 due to lack of finance and technical assistance.


GoG has decided to implement the project centrally for all ULBs utilizing its own resource and by seeking the assistance from GoI.


GUDC Ltd. is appointed as a nodal agency vide the resolution dated 13/09/05 to implement the Municipal Solid Waste Management project for the ULBs of the State of Gujarat.


Solid Waste Management Solid Waste Management Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management



The project is structured centrally in a planned manner. GUDC Ltd. estimated the cost of project as 384.16 crores and the provision of funds is only 238.62 Crores from 12 th Finance Commission grants and other State funds. Also the Municipalities are lacking in technical know how and financial capacity to run this kind of facilities, once created. Various options have been considered for alternate funding as well as the technology including the sale of Carbon Credits.


The data for waste characterization and waste quantities for each ULBs have already been gathered through the state level consultants. Also the clusterization for simplify the facilities and avoid creation of junk assets is under assessment. It was felt that individual facilities can not be handled by municipalities and the capital cost would be much high. Initially 51 clusters were identified throughout the state, but after detailed assessment and study it was felt that the whole state can be managed in only 20 to 25 regional landfill sites, by using the land available.


The same may also attract the private developers as the general market survey reveals that the private developer require minimum of 100 TPD waste to run the facility on sustainable mode. As a result of this exercise initially if one ton of waste to be processed by a municipality than the estimated cost for processing one ton of waste is estimated around Rs.1200 and if we do the cluster approach than it would come down to around Rs. 450.


GUDC received proposals from private developers and best option to fill the viability gap as well as the sustainable solution is to take the project to the PPP mode probably on BOT (Build Own Transfer). Meanwhile it is also explored for the other suitable technologies if it can be adopted for minimizing the waste to be land filled.


GUDC Ltd. had approached the World Bank also to give consultation for potential purchase of Carbon Credit.130 ULBs of Gujarat State generate 1520 TPD of MSW, i.e. 547200 Mt of MSW is generated per annum. If we process all the MSW then 179613.08 MT compost will be produced. As per the World Bank Calculation & considering US$10.00 (ten United States dollars) per ton as the realizable value for one ton of Carbon Credit, GUDC can approximately earn carbon credits for 165000 MT & get revenue of US$1,650,000.00 (Rs. 7,42,50,000.00) per year till the period of agreement.


Salient Features of the MSWM Project :

  • Providing basic action plan for Door to Door waste collection, segregation, transportation, processing & reuse/ disposal in ULBs
  • Procurement of tools and equipments / vehicles for municipalities for primary as well as secondary collection of wastes.
  • Construction of Compost Plant per municipality for composting the bio degradable wastes. Production of compost and creating market for the same.
  • Construction of Regional Landfill sites among the group of municipalities for final disposal of non-biodegradable and non-recycled wastes.
  • Preparation of “Nagarpalika Action Plan” for 126 municipalities.
  • Conducting Training Program for safaikamdars of various municipalities for Operation and Maintenance.
  • Asset Management.
  • Community awareness and public participation (CAPP).
  • Privatization of such facilities / Private sector participation.


Component Wise Status:

1.) Procurement and Distribution of Equipments for Collection and Transportation of
Municipal Solid Waste

  • In Phase I, 75,800 Units of Equipments such as Refuse Compactor Vehicles, Front End Loaders (JCBs), Mini Trucks, Tractors, Trolleys etc for Primary & Secondary collection of waste at a cost of approximately Rs. 100 Crore are procured and distributed within a short time of 6 months fastest ever in the history of Gujarat.

Target & Planning :

  • In phase II, demand of more than 16000 units of equipments has already been obtained for which further necessary action to be taken is under consideration.


2.) Vermi Compost Plants (VCPs)

  • Appointed Tech Consultant M/s. KCDC (M/s. Karnataka Compost Development Corporation)
  • Awarded 12 Tenders covering construction for 96 ULBs
  • Completed Construction work for 93 ULBs
  • Started O & M for 58 ULBs of C and D class ULBs by NGO
  • Total Waste processed: Approximate by 300 TPD
  • Total Generation of Vermi Compost: Approximate 60 TPD
  • Revenue generation from the sale of Vermi Compost: Rs. 405.50 Lakhs (from-2008 to till date)

Target & Planning :

  • For remaining ULBs - PPP strategies to enhance efficiency
  • Repair and Renovation work of VCPs of existing 93 ULBs
  • Procurement for O & M Contracts for VCPs of 93 ULBs – on PPP mode
  • Total Waste processing: Approximate 1293 TPD
  • Total Generation of Vermi Compost: Approximately 258 TPD
  • Revenue generation from the sale of Vermi Compost: Approximately Rs. 94.50 Lakhs (per annum)
  • Construction of VCPs in remaining 66ULBs on PPP Mode.
  • Tender preparation under process for O & M of existing VCPs as well as for M & R for existing VCPs.
  • For construction of new VCPs Standard Design package will be provided to Nagarpalika on request so as to ease of the burden on the Nagarpalika.
  • VCPs sites Estimation for Admissible Works will be carried out for A, B, C & D Municipalities of Gujarat wherein the Estimations of the Actual requirement of the Nagarpalika will be assessed. A competent consultant has been appointed for this purpose.
  • For non-viable ULBs (where enough quantity of waste is not generated)Transitional operations through NGO´s, and Municipalities to generate "Ownership"


3.) Sanitary Landfill Facilities (SLFs)

Appointed Tech Consultants for Designs, DPRs, DTPs & Supervision at critical stages during construction work


  • M/s. Mahindra Acres
  • M/s. SENES
  • Waste Characterization of all ULBs by Tech Consultants
  • Appointment of Transaction Advisor M/s. CRISIL
  • Worked out total 36 Clusters covering all ULBs of Gujarat
  • Validation of Clustrization by Transaction Advisor ´ IIM, A´bad
  • Preparation of RFP Document & Concession Agreement for PPP model through M/s. CRISIL

Construction work completed for following SLFs :

  • Himmatnagar : 09 ULBs
  • Khambhat : 01 Stand alone ULB
  • Dhandhuka : 01 Stand alone ULB
  • Virmagam : 01 Stand alone ULB
  • Palanpur Cluster : 08 ULBs
  • Patan Cluster : 08 ULBs
  • Godhra Cluster : 09 ULBs

Target & Planning :

  • Implementation of Construction Contracts on PPP mode for super cluster: 125 ULBs
    • Super Cluster 01 : 34 ULBs
    • Super Cluster 02 : 28 ULBs
    • Super Cluster 03 : 19 ULBs.
    • Super Cluster 04 : 31 ULBs
    • Super Cluster 05 : 13 ULBs
  • O & M of 7 Completed SLF are under process by consultant
  • Tender preparation under process for O & M of 7 Developed landfill sites viz: HIMMATNAGAR 2.) DHANDHUKA 3.) VIRAMGAM 4.) KHAMBHAT 5.) GODHRA 6.) PATAN & 7.) PALANPUR (which covers 38 ULBs)
  • Construction of remaining SLF Regional Cluster 1-5 regions will be carried out on PPP mode.
  • Inter ULB Agreement between participating ULBs, Developers and state entity.
  • Encourage Private Sector in ‘Waste-to- Energy’ projects.
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