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Gujarat Urban Development Company


GUDC is positioned to facilitate urban development by assisting State Government and existing agencies in formulation of policy, institutional capacity building and project implementation and to assist in the funding and implementation of projects.


Gujarat Urban Development Company


Assistance to State Government

  • Assist State Government in preparation of policy and strategy for urban development infrastructure provision.
  • Assist State Government in preparation of guidelines for private sector participation in urban development.
  • Maintain an updated information database on urban development.
  • Assess the need and form of Government Guarantees to ULBs required for raising funds from the market.
  • Assist the State Government in formulation, appraisal, implementation and monitoring of urban projects funded from multilateral sources.
  • Channelise additional grant / tax-sharing between the State and the ULBs ( as recommended by State Finance Commission ) based on criteria to be decided (e.g. reforms in accounting systems, revenue collection efficiency etc., undertaken by the ULB)
  • Implement urban reforms as an agent of the State Government


Assistance to ULBs and UDAs

  • Identify the investment requirement, phasing and viability of new development areas, through facility studies.
  • Support the Urban Development Authorities (UDAs) to Plan the integrated development of its area; and assist them to undertake their roles.
  • Assist ULBs and UDAs in identification, preparation, structuring and execution of projects in local infrastructure with / without the assistance of the private sector. Projects in sectors such as roads, storm water drains, water supply and sanitation, solid waste management, street lighting, and slum upgradation would be given emphasis.
  • Coordinate with various State level agencies for provision of trunk infrastructure.
  • Provide advisory support to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in various aspects of capacity building, especially upgradation of management systems. Support would be provided for institutional development in accounting, computerization, training and equipment needs, and reforms of State level agencies including pool-financing mechanism for municipal borrowing in the capital markets.
  • Provide a Project Development Facility.
  • Promote projects for slum upgradation.

GUDC would facilitate sustainable development of urban areas, both new and existing, in order to achieve high living standards and growth of economic activities.


Corporate Objectives

  • GUDC would seek to undertake its activities on a self-sustaining basis. It would balance its development-oriented roles and activities with its commercially viable activities.
  • GUDC would actively seek partnership with the private sectors, Govt. agencies and educational institutions in order to accomplish its roles and support the existing urban institutions.
  • GUDC would seek to be a proactive body in understanding the trends, needs and interventions required in the field of urban development for provision of sufficient and high quality urban areas and urban infrastructure either directly or by strengthening other entities responsible for the same.

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